Identity Twister

Are you holding on to that person?

Angela has a black skirt and silky white blouse on. She wears a Parisian black cap, and thick black cat-eye eye-liner. She holds her book at a 90 degree angle, with a rigid arm hugged into her chest. She is playing a role or character.

Are you holding on to that person? Are you your own definition of “normal”for comparison to others?

You have a choice everyday. To accept your clothes and comforts as who you are, or to shed their identity and open your awareness to however you want to behave in the moment. The rigidity of societal identity is not a confines you have to live in. At any moment your heart can go from loud to soft, from dark to artistic, and live in all these spaces. Do not suppress the Cosmos – or worry if they conflict.

You have a choice everyday. To allow the faces you see on the subway – those pursuing their lips, speaking in anger, and looking tired of the world – fall away from you. To leave their negative energy with them, and at any moment, change their mood and destiny-should you feel so inclined – with happiness in your eyes and smile or a few good words.

Are you holding on to that person? The one you decided you’ll be today? Let them go. Continue reading “Identity Twister”